Pip Creek


Spring Run


Today seemed as good as any to head up the creek, from the bottom toward the top.  I figured that way when I turned around, I'd have gravity on my side.  Always trying to find the efficiencies in life, this girl.

Spring has arrived in a slow, unsteady way.  There has been no big glut of warm and sunny weather bringing the grass up and all the birds swooping in. 

Spring run.jpg

No, instead we've seen our fair share of frozen fingers and faces as we yet again hide under scarves and mitts while working and playing in the cold stream of northern air. 


Signs of a new season are still mostly in the mineral and inanimate realms.  No hint of green.  Everything is plastered with stark light yet.  Deer hair lying in piles along their trails are statements of no longer needing the longer silkier threads and that room is being made for a new coat.  That and the deer are all bunched up like they do in the spring.  


There may not be a green carpet laid out yet.  But the air filling the gap between the valley hills was full.  Chickadees are sitting in the hazelnuts singing, geese beeline overhead and silent heron and hawks caught the updrafts.  All the very best things piled into one valley.  Nothing but a fine day to be had.  I came home, poured myself a coffee, gave a dose of extra cream, and counted the blessings.


Andrea Heide